Deep Talk Cards (EN)


The Deep Talk cards are inspired from Reflection Cards. They are a colorful mix of different questions. You will immediatly become a small talk pro. Whether as a check-in at a team meeting, as a conversation starter at networking events or at a barbecue – the D!eep Talk cards bridge any embarrassing silence. Exciting (and deep) discussions guaranteed!


2 instruction cards, 50 question cards (10 per topic), red cardboard box  (7x10cm)


1-50 people


Culture, Development, Personal, Job, Trends


Meeting, Workshop, Coffee break, Lunchtalks, Networking events, Leisure time, Date, Party

Duration per use
3 – 33 minutes


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From boring small talk topics to exciting deep talk questions! Do you know the feeling of being at a networking “apéro” and the conversations always follow the same, predictable pattern? “What’s your name? What do you do for a living?”. That’s why the usual small talk questions are so boring. We want to break through that. A corporate culture does not live on small talk either, but on deeper conversations. Let’s start a small talk revolution together! With Deep Talk: Smalltalk questions for exciting conversations. This is how you become a small talk professional and ensure inspiring conversations. The Deep Talk cards with different small talk topics are divided into 5 areas: Personal, Development, Team, Job, Trends.

Deep Talk questions are for example:

-If you could learn something new, what would you learn?
-What have you learned from a colleague? Personal and professional?
-What are you good at that you don’t yet earn money with?
-How much personal space does work have?
-What is the nicest thing someone from the team has done for you?
-What will bosses still be needed for in the future?

As you can see, engaging small talk topics lead to inspiring conversations that go far beyond weather chatter. And they’re not just for networking aperitifs, but also for dates, family gatherings or barbecues. And we love using the Deep Talk cards as check-in questions at meetings!

Want to know more about small talk? HR Today has put together 9 tips for small talk (german).


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