We Provide Strategic Advice

We show you how to involve your employees in the company in order to increase their motivation and productivity.

We provide strategic advice

We show you how to involve your employees in the company and so increase their motivation and productivity.

This Is How We Position
You As an Attractive Employer

Listening. Discovering strengths. Collecting facts. Defining target groups. Creating personas. Analyzing touchpoints. Describing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and risks. Differentiating between WOW and MUST factors. Defining employer value propositions (EVP). Formulating principles and key questions for everyday business.

This Is How We Show You the Way to Becoming a Successful Employer brand

Linking your positioning as an employer with your corporate strategy. Matching your direction to your target groups and prioritising areas of activity. Formulating strategy for your employer brand. Setting clear objectives and linking them with measurable variables. Writing the story of your employer brand. Mobilising ambassadors.

This Is How We Make Your Brand, Culture, and Strategy Tangible and Measurable

Defining concrete action plans throughout the length of the value-added chain. Involving employees. Mobilizing employees as ambassadors. Building lighthouses. Starting touchpoint management. Designing cockpits and making them controllable through KPIs.