The perfect tool for agile strategy work and consistent implementation

  • Putting strategy into practice. Simple, tangible and transparent.
  • Rules that define responsibilities, deadlines and prioritization criteria
  • Seamlessly combine strategy, project portfolio and Kanban
  • Getting to physical cards thanks to software: tools for tangible teamwork.
  • Print out work steps as large posters or as work cards.

Your organisation at a glance

  • Capture the service provider: Values, Stakeholder, Core processes, Resources etc…
  • Complement and specify the service segments. E.g supply chain for core process, employee for stakeholder
  • Assess service segments: Which are green (optimal), which are orange (critical), which are dangerously red?

Connecting the dots

  • Identify patterns and correlations
  • Uncover dependencies
  • Identify strategic areas of action

Assigning and prioritizing plans and projects

  • Allocate resources
  • Define responsibilities
  • Capture and qualify tasks
  • Establish criteria
  • Create portfolio
  • Enter schedule
  • Link documents
  • Capture project descriptions uniformly

Operational implementation with the Kanban board

  • Determine the maximum number of tasks in a column (“Work in Progress” or WIP goals)
  • Prioritise projects according to various criteria
  • Define criteria to move a project to the next column (“Definition of Ready” or “Definition of Done”)
  • Define kanban columns
  • Backlog for Kanban is created automatically

Everything is in flux and under control

  • Archive completed tasks
  • Print out the factsheet for each project with the details as a PDF
  • Search, filter and sort maps
  • Physically reproduce Kanban and display it on the pinboard

Price Packages

We currently offer various packages and options to meet your needs


  • 1 working area
  • 1 user
  • incl. server rental
  • 30 days free of charge


  • 5 working areas
  • 5 user
  • incl. server rental
  • CHF 1’025 per year


  • unl. working areas
  • 50 user
  • incl. server rental
  • CHF 9’500 per year


  • unl. working areas
  • unlimited user
  • own server
  • price on demand

(exkl. VAT)

Technical data

  • PHP Symfony Framework
  • Linux Ubuntu Server
  • Cloud Infrastructure with Amazon EC2 instance m5 xlarge
  • SQL Datenbank