The Most Unconventional Conference for Your Company

24thinkpark is interdsiciplinary and transcends generations. There are no hierarchies and no referees. The 24thinkpark connects you with a unique mix of people you normally wouldn’t meet.

The most unconventional conference for your company

24thinkpark is interdisciplinary and transcends age generations. There are no hierarchies and no referees. Only at the 24thinkpark you have such a varied mixed of motivated participants that you would never get together on a normal business day.

This Is How You Profit

You are planing a change project? You seek more innovation within Marketing? Or do you want to assemble the entire intelligence of your employees? Even those from your partners and suppliers? The thinkpark knows how to do that. It forsters interdisciplinary collaboration and creates the frame for innovations. New ways of thinking are guaranteed for any kind of ideas or problems. Or you can use the conference as a test lab or kick off platform for ideas.

24 Hours, 100 Participants and 1000 Ideas.

24thinkpark is Switzerland’s most unconventional conference. Interdisciplinary and transcending generations. There are no hierarchies and no referees. One topic, 24hours, 100 participants and enough time for 150 Workshops. The location is an inspiring antiquity and second hand shop.

Digital Centerpiece

Our app is everything at the same time: iCal, Facebook and Dropbox. Here you can set up sessions, see the results of past ones and download their results. On top of that you are capable of connecting with other thinkparkers. Everyone has their personal profile, connected with LinkedIn. It helps to keep an overview of the participants and session. The ideal tool for an open space conference.

thinkpark APP

Thinkpark Packages

We offer different packages. The basic is just the conceptual paper with our moderation at the event. But we are also capable of organizing the whole event from scratch to end. Just ask us.

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