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„The thinkpark helps us to be innovative, to build new partnerships and simply stay inspired.“ 

Christoph Jordi, CEO of DoDifferent and inventor of the 24thinkpark


Innovations are more important than ever.

In a time when everything is changing rapidly, innovations are more important than ever before. Whoever does not keep up with the pace in the modern world is suspended. Self-driving cars, employees without a fix workplace, taxis that can be called and settled via the app or social networks where millions of people are connected. At the very beginning of all this was always a simple idea – a flash of light, an inspiration, the will to change something or to create something new. People and organisations must adapt themselves but also develop new ideas. We wanted to create a place where ideas can be born, developed and discussed.


Interdisciplinary, no hierarchies and no speakers

By creating an environment that encourages creativity, inspires and stimulates discussion. Three aspects are important to us: Interdisciplinary, no hierarchies, no speakers. Interdisciplinary, because the view of an outsider, who may come from a completely different field of work and different background, can shed light on problems or opportunities that an insider does not see. No hierarchies, because all ideas and opinions from any background are welcome. No one has to hold back because the opposite is one hierarchy level up. Everyone can contribute their ideas and all ideas are relevant, whether they come from the CEO or the intern. No speakers because lectures are passive. Someone speaks and everyone else listens without having to actively think. A creativity-enhancing environment is more than that. The atmosphere has to be just right so you feel comfortable. This also includes looking after the physical wellbeing of the participants – for whoever is hungry cannot think.

the 24thinkpark-conference

Switzerland’s most unconventional conference started in 2013. Every year, 100 people come together to discuss for 24 hours. Everything takes place in the “open space” and is controlled almost exclusively by the participants.
Working world of the future.
We are changing the world. The entrepreneurial spirit as a success factor.
Agility. What moves people and organizations?
Digitalisation. Will machines take over?


Switzerland’s most unconventional conference

A conference that leaves room for new ideas and brings together people from all walks of life. 24 hours in a row, all in one place, including meals and massages. We started by designing the most unconventional conference in Switzerland. The 24thinkpark was born. The interdisciplinary aspect was a central point from the outset. All participants can bring their ideas, problems and cases, book a session via the app and discuss, debate and find solutions together with other thinkparkers. We decided to limit the number of members to 100 to quickly create a familiar atmosphere. These 100 people should come from as many different sectors and positions as possible. Since the second edition, the Brockenhaus Arche in Zurich has served us as a great location. With its open, colourful and partially chaotic ambience, the Brockenhaus offers the ideal atmosphere to let the ideas go wild. The 24-hour catering ensures that the participants are not lacking anything; no one has to be hungry or thirsty.
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