Swiss Life Asset Managers SLAM Challenge

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„With your inspiring yet structured approach and the great program you made the SLAM Challenge a must-go. And this is not from my point of view but the opinion of the challengers“ 
Martina Sfiligoj, ‎Head of Human Resources Swiss Life Asset Managers


The World Is Becoming Increasingly Complex

The world is complex, it has always been. But there are certain factors that have further increased complexity in recent years: globalisation, digitalisation and the growth of multi-dimensional dependencies. Well-established companies in all industries have to react and be prepared for this. To change something on the leadership level alone is no longer enough. Employees, regardless of rank and company location, need to be working on challenges for the entire corporation. Swiss Life Asset Managers want to improve their ways in how to deal with complexity. How can this be achieved through common practice of talent promotion?


Through an Interactive Format

With an interactive format. Employees must be involved in the process. That’s why traditional training concepts were out of question. It was not enough to organize a usual training day with speakers. Instead we decided to go for a challenge. The SLAM Challenge lead the participants in various modules to the main subject. It was built according to the motto “think, feel, act”. The first is to understand, then to be inspired, then to find solutions develop hands-on proposals. In the end, the employee’s final challenge was to be presented in front of the management. Since not all asset managers could participate in the Challenge, active employees had to apply for the Challenge.

The Swiss Life Asset Managers

Swiss Life Asset Managers is a European asset manager and leading real estate manager in Switzerland, France, Germany and Luxembourg. For over 150 years, Swiss Life Asset Managers has been successfully involved in risk management. Its core competencies include the provision and active management of investment strategies in Fixed Income, Real Estate, Equities and Balanced.


The Swiss Life Asset Managers SLAM-Challenge

Together with the project management team we selected 15 participants. The project team comprises of asset managers from different sectors and four countries. First, we presented the Challengers practice examples of how others deal with complexity. This ranged from an organization like the Swiss Federal Railway systems to the profession of a Sommelier. How does it feel to work in a start-up? How do organizational forms and hierarchical systems affect work design and productivity? In the third module the participants worked on their ideas and projects in three teams and prepared to pitch them in the fourth module. There is a new Solution Network in place to initiate the organisation’s potential for innovation. And this year’s participants of the SLAM Challenge agreed to be the jury. They also successfully pitched a web-based collaboration platform for a better exchange of knowledge. And the SLAM Challengers created new approaches for a profound cultural change regarding innovation management.