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Employer Branding

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Your employer brand is experienced at every touchpoint of the employee life cycle, whether the experience is positive or negative. We are convinced that the little things make all the difference. Small gestures and attentions that show appreciation. And it shows in your numbers at the end of the year.

We connect employees with brand, culture, vision, mission, corporate responsibility and diversity. Together we set the goals for strategic employer branding. And help you position yourself as an attractive employer in the market.

We help companies to better leverage the potential of their employees. We identify the right levers in the corporate culture. And we show how you can change small things that have a big impact.


Denkplan Beratung Software Strategie

A business strategy starts with anticipating change. What do we see on the horizon? What is trend, what is hype? Which forecasts have a high probability of being accurate? Where can we take a strategic position in a world marked by dynamism and uncertainty? What opportunities can we take advantage of? Who can we learn from as an organisation? What is the next big “thing” that we tackle together?

To address this challenge, we use different methods such as Lego Serious Play or Denkplan. In a first step, we map the organisation on a strategic impact map. What is unique about this? The corporate strategy is not only developed by the executive board, but by a mixed team of executive board members and employees. In a second step, we define dependencies and strategic fields of action. They show where the company will invest time and resources in the coming year. The third step is to define clear actions, which will appear on the kanban. Ideally, these three strategy elements are visible to everyone in the company so that everyone can check what the company is working on at any time.

Company Culture

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Together we explore the purpose – the identity of your company. To do this, we define your WHY and derive desired behaviours, rituals, characteristics and traits of the company. What values are important to you? What touchpoints do we need to work on? Maybe on feedback or error culture? Possibly on remuneration and competence models? Leadership model? Working models? Personnel development measures?

We show you how to activate managers and employees and give them creative freedom. How to initiate a cultural change by promoting respect and trust. Together with you, we create a framework in which your culture can develop. This requires a storyline that arouses emotions. It also needs strong values that employees can identify with. And it needs space where employees can try things out, make mistakes and grow beyond themselves.

Organizational development

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The future of work has already begun. These changes raise questions. What skills will be in demand in the future? What will working relationships look like in the future? How will we work together? We need to redefine work, redesign it, redistribute it. Office space, personnel development, knowledge transfer, work organization, organizational structures: many things need to be rethought.

Even if many books say so: There are no simple solutions. Even self-organization and holacracy do not solve all problems. There is only the solution that fits your organization. For us, one thing is clear: People are at the center of everything. That’s why we don’t give you standard instructions or strict 3-year plans, but rather offer you ideas, models and methods that we can use to define the future of work in your organization.

Personnel development

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In personnel development, we look at the roles and competencies of your employees in the future. What roles will there even be in the future? What will the role of managers be in the future? How can we make our employees ready for a constantly changing future?

Personnel development should be experienced, not lectured. Together we develop measures and offers that are tailored to your needs. We help you design learning journeys, learning and development opportunities, as well as internal campaigns to motivate your employees to explore their own capabilities. We emphasize proactively sharing individual experiences and knowledge and bringing them into the organization so that organizational learning can take place. We also promote team learning in a targeted manner with retrospectives, team development or new, sustainable forms of collaboration.

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Strategy to action


Denkplan offers your company a simple set of methods and tools that ensure transparency, consistency and feedback in order to close the gap between strategy and getting things done on the shop floor.

Out of the box


Lego Serious Play, future modeling, competencies of the future, expeditions into the future of HR, innovation trips, design thinking, … We offer a broad range of individually designed workshops and trainings.



Looking for inspirational, multilingual insights? We are happy to share our thoughts on culture change, employer branding, leadership and much more. We are known for our foresight, bold questions and creativity.

Why DoDifferent?

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DoDifferent is convinced that people are the essential success factor of the company. For our customers we are strenuous friends. We challenge organizations with creative ideas and being bold sometimes. We connect employees with strategy and brand. This is how we make organizations fit for the future.

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We are the unconventional idea playground for courageous strategists. We don’t always have our best ideas at our desk, but also in the hammock, while paragliding, on the sofa or while hiking. We are water fanatics, salsa dancers and dog whisperers, who love to try out new things and challenge ourselves.

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